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Kayann Foster LMHC, LPC, SUDPT

What does it mean to prioritize your mental health? I pose this question to help shed light on one of the most effective ways to handle life's challenges. Although stigmatized, therapy provides so much more to individuals than one could imagine.  Therapy allows you to step outside yourself and explore hidden aspects of who you are; it opens doors to unlimited possibilities, your ideal self. Therapy not only gives you the opportunity to assess life's challenges, it also helps you challenge yourself by gradually stepping outside of your comfort zone to make progress. As a therapist I aim to provide a safe environment conducive to my clients growth. I want to be a guiding hand in times of need, someone who can be there empathetically, with non judgmental input. Someone geared towards your individual needs and success. Choosing to attend therapy can be a conflicting and terrifying experience as it requires us to open up and understand various aspects of ourselves; your wants, desires, values, past experiences, trauma and so much more. The fear of the unknown is real and therapy allows you to traverse that journey with a facilitator, someone you can reach out to in a crisis.