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My approach to therapy is collaborative, allowing my client to explore freely in a safe, non judgmental environment built on mutual trust and understanding. My job is to facilitate growth and development while utilizing evidence-based practices such as Solution-Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Trauma-Informed Care. 

I earned my Masters degree from the University of South Florida majoring in Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling with a concentration in Addictions and Substance Abuse Counseling. I am currently a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Oregon and Washington State and a Substance Use Dependency Professional Trainee.

Formal Education and Training

I received my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Colby-Sawyer College in New London, New Hampshire. After graduating I moved to Florida to work as a behavioral program specialist at a developmental disability facility. After working I decided to pursue my Masters Degree in Tampa, Florida at the University of South Florida. I completed my Masters of Arts in Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling with a concentration in Addictions and Substance Abuse Counseling. I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the State of Washington (LH61352827), a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Oregon (C7292) and a Substance Use Dependency Counselor Trainee in the State of Washington (CO61108378).

Yearly, I participate in continuing education in specialized areas to be able to provide quality treatment for my clients and as a condition of my licensure in the state of Washington.

Philosophy and Approach

My approach to counseling is centered around individual needs and I adjust my modality as such. I utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Solution Focused Therapy to help address issues with an evidenced based lens. My role as a therapist is to guide clients during this journey we call life.

Life gets difficult and everyone needs help to navigate challenging situations. I understand that each person's experience is unique and as a therapist I work hand in hand with my client as they are the master of their lives. 


Therapy is a collaborative experience created both by the therapist and the client through mutual trust. Participants are encouraged to be open and honest during this process to help foster continued growth. I encourage participants to feel free to ask questions about any aspect of the counseling process and be honest about their thoughts and feelings. 

Therapy is a process in its own right, it can be challenging, scary but it can also be fruitful, beautiful and worthwhile. Therapy can elicit unwanted, repressed emotions, it can arouse many emotions that can alter one's perspective as well as relationships. As such, I encourage patients to refuse to do a particular activity or request a referral to another therapist if needed. I also stress to clients that when you step outside of your comfort zone, that is where progress happens. Together we will work to foster growth and development and make therapy a positive experience. 


Consultation with other trained professionals is common, I am a Licensed Mental Health Counseling and as a clinician it is valuable to receive consultation and supervision from a licensed professional when needed. This is to help provide optimal care and services to clients. This also allows me to gain more knowledge and experience on client issues and help clients reach their goals. These consultations are obtained in such a way that confidentiality is maintained.

Scheduling Appointments

Appointments are generally made on a regular, weekly basis. Appointment times are not automatically held open for you from week to week. It is your responsibility to reschedule at the end of a session. I will attempt to keep the same appointment time available for you unless frequent cancellations have been made. If it is necessary to change or cancel your appointment, please let me know as soon as possible. I will charge half of the full session fee for appointments that are canceled less than 24 hours in advance. I will let you know at least 2 weeks in advance if I will be unavailable for a session, except in emergencies.


The length of treatment varies per individual. Termination itself seems like a scary topic, I encourage participants to be open about difficult situations. Working together to ensure a smooth transition outside of our time together.


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